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Resin Flooring South East

Resin flooring is a popular concrete flooring choice in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings in the South East area, although it can be used for domestic flooring as well. Here at Trusty Tread, we offer the highest quality in resin flooring solutions at a reasonable price. There are a few different types of resin flooring but at Trusty Tread, we have found that the most popular choice is epoxy resin flooring.

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What is epoxy resin flooring

What is epoxy resin flooring?

Epoxy resin is a type of liquid plastic that is derived mainly from petroleum and its properties include being a strong adhesive and hardening to a high level.

Epoxy resin flooring is made by pouring epoxy resin onto usually concrete floors, although it can be used on other types of floors such as wood. After it is left to harden, it will create a strong and sturdy top layer to the floor.

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The benefits of Trusty Tread resin flooring

There is no doubt that epoxy resin flooring is a cost-effective choice. Epoxy resin is relatively cheap to manufacture and it also has the benefit of having a fairly quick installation process.

So the materials are cheap and the labour costs of the installation are also inexpensive. Both of these elements together can make epoxy resin flooring an economical choice, especially for large concrete industrial flooring areas.

Other products will also need to be added a lot of the time. For example, to make the coating UV-resistant or non-slippery, these coats can increase the overall cost.

If you think resin flooring could be the right option for you, just get in touch with us for a quote and we will be happy to help guide you through the process.

An epoxy resin floor will have a lifespan of more than 10 years, even with daily use. So it can be a worthy investment that will reduce replacement costs in the future, as well as be cost-effective to install in the present.

One of the main selling points of epoxy flooring in the South East area is how durable they are. After the epoxy resin has hardened, it creates a hard-wearing and tough coat that can withstand even heavy traffic. This makes it a popular choice for places where there will be a lot of heavy vehicles, such as industrial warehouses, industrial and residential garage floors, and driveways. In these cases, a thicker epoxy floor can be laid to ensure that it will stand up to wear and tear.

Epoxy flooring coating also has excellent resistance to a light chemical attack and abrasions, making it suitable for a commercial setting that will involve the use of chemicals. This can include pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.

An epoxy resin floor can withstand a lot of foot traffic without wearing down, so it is suitable as a surface where people will be walking quite a lot.

Resin floors are a popular choice for places that require high levels of hygiene, such as food preparation areas, schools, and hospitals. This is because an epoxy resin floor has a natural resistance to bacteria and other germs.

It is also easy to sanitise using heavy disinfectants without losing its hard-wearing properties.

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As well as being durable and suitable for a wide range of settings, an epoxy resin floor also allows the customer to create a distinctive and decorative look. While most people wouldn't immediately think of epoxy resin flooring as being a decorative option because of its association with industrial and commercial applications in the South East area it can be an attractive flooring choice as well.

There is a wide range of colours and finish epoxy coatings that can be used for an epoxy resin floor to give it a distinctive and decorative look.

We will be happy to talk through all of our different colour and finish options for epoxy flooring so that you can find your perfect style.

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The downsides of a resin floor

An epoxy resin floor, in its natural state, isn't particularly suitable for wet areas because it becomes very slippery. This can be a health and safety concern and can cause injuries.

This problem can be fixed, however, by applying an anti-slip coating to the resin floor and here at Trusty Tread, we will be happy to apply this to your flooring.

An epoxy resin floor should be installed by a professional. If you are planning on installing this type of flooring yourself, it is best to get some technical advice before you go ahead and start.

Problems with the installation of this type of floor surface can cause a range of problems later on, some of which make the flooring unsuitable and unusable in the long term.

For example, if the pour of the epoxy resin is uneven and not smooth, this can result in cracking later on (although self-levelling epoxy resin can help with this). Each coat also needs to dry completely before the next coating is added. This can alter the hardiness of the surface and the texture of the coating and leave it prone to damage.

These problems aren't just related to the appearance of the floor. If the seal isn't seamless because of cracking or other damage, this can leave the flooring underneath exposed to moisture and contaminants which can cause deep damage to the entire floor, which can be costly and time-consuming to repair.

Thankfully, we use trained and experienced resin flooring installers in the South East area so we can guarantee the perfect installation, every time.

Many people who install resin flooring are doing so because they want a long-lasting concrete floor. Once the floor is installed, however, it can be very difficult to remove. This is because the epoxy coating adheres so strongly to the concrete surfaces underneath and because it hardens to such a great extent.

A resin floor won't naturally be resistant to sunlight. The UV rays can change the colours of the resin floor but, more than that, they can also cause damage.

This is because UV rays can actually break down the polymer chains within the resin and the concrete floors which can weaken them. Over time, cracks and other types of damage can occur.

Some coatings can be used to protect resin floors from UV damage so if this is something that you need, we will be happy to protect your resin flooring from UV damage using the highest-rated products.

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Trusty Tread resin flooring

Trusty Tread resin flooring in the South East area

Resin flooring is a great choice with lots of benefits for concrete floors and more, especially those that will need to have a smooth coating, be hygienic, or withstand heavy vehicle or foot traffic. The seamless coatings make it resistant to moisture and other contaminants and it is a durable, high-quality, and long-lasting flooring system. It is also relatively inexpensive to install. Resin coatings can come in a wide range of colours and finishes which can give the floor a unique style. If you think epoxy resin flooring is the perfect choice for you, get in touch with our South East team here at Trusty Tread today. Our resin flooring experts will help to guide you through the process of choosing the right products for you and install your resin floor exactly to your specifications.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Resin flooring is a great option for both household and business areas since it is incredibly strong and resilient to heavy usage. It can sustain spills, large loads, and wear and tear while keeping its shine and finish for many years.

Yes, resin flooring is a fantastic option for kitchens because of its longevity, stain and spill resistance, and ease of maintenance. Its seamless texture also delivers a clean, contemporary style that goes well with any kitchen design.

Resin flooring's lifespan can vary depending on the calibre of the installation, the kind of resin used, and how well it is maintained, but in general, you can anticipate it to last for at least 20 to 30 years. Its lifespan can be increased by routine cleaning and resealing on occasion.

Polyurethane resin flooring is recognised for its elasticity and resistance to shocks and scratches, whilst epoxy resin flooring is popular for its sturdiness and glossy surface. Both materials have good durability, although polyurethane is frequently used in industrial environments because of its propensity to be more heat and chemical resistant.

Resin Flooring South East

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